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Krystal for ELLE
hello, can you link the video of kyungstal gif that you just make?

1 2 3 Enjoy!

I think so too, but maybe I'm just delusional as well-- I mean, their Goodbye Summer stages are usually pretty awkward, but those two are ALWAYS so smiley with each other. (I can never forget the way he smiled when she popped up during the very first GS perf at SMTown Week ugh) Speaking of, I am so so so so pumped for Myungstal too. I can't wait for a teaser or a photoshoot or anything!

And remember when they were singing Jingle Bells (I think?) at SMTown week and they stopped and faced other while singing and smiling. It was so cute! Pity fansites excluded that in their fancams :( Me, too! I”m even excited for photo previews of them filming tgt. September’s still so far, tho. Kyung’s drama is still at it’s 8th ep atm. tsk

Oh my god, YES. The way she let Amber and Luna pass to wait for Kyungsoo was the cutest thing ever. If they did a drama together I would cry legit tears of happiness. But unless we get another SM drama like TTBY, I don't think it's happening any time soon :'(

I know! And she smiles more often at him than she does to others. ♥ I’m becoming delusional here lol Maybe, sneaky SM made it possible for MyungStal so..not let’s not lose hope! 


What’s even cuter was when Kyungsoo was going towards her and she was walking backwards during lalala ♫, the screams were so loud so she faced him again and the screams got even louder. They smiled at each other like they’re enjoying it. I cry with you, anon!!! Also, I never got to gif that part when she waited for him after she got down from the stage. /sigh/ Totally shipping these actingdols ♥

17/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → kyungstal: gentleman soo & princess jung ♥; requested by anonymous

could i maybe request a krystalships gifset of her and d.o during the recent smtown's goodbye summer? the part where she walks backward to smile at him as they sing their 'lalalalala' part in this fancam (/watch?v=9-dz_TfxR0A) was too cute! although you probably need to use another fancam to show him smiling back ;;;;

Wow okay, I better gif this now lol I’ve already received several requests for that moment. KyungStal’s getting so popular.~~

are you not taking requests any more? : (

Still am, bb! ♥ Just more on gifs because I’m not good at editing~

please gif soostal moments!!!

Ever since SMTown, I kept wondering whether to gif them or not because so cute!!! afghjkl But then again, I’d like a better and more concrete moment since I gifed them smiling at each other already, anyway :)